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About Pearson Co-Operative Nursery School

Vision Statement: To be a recognized community leader in providing the highest quality of early childhood programming in a nurturing play-based environment.

Mission Statement: To offer a supportive and developmentally appropriate program where staff, parents, and children learn, grow, play and discover together. We aim to provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment that fosters social, cognitive, language and physical growth of the children.

Program Statement: The early childhood years are critical and formative years. At Pearson Co-op Nursery school, we recognize our role as RECE teachers in supporting, nurturing and facilitating the growth, development and well being of young children while also ensuring their health, safety, nutrition and well being are taken care of.

By recognizing that young children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential, we are able to deliver a program that provides opportunities and allows the children to flourish while taking into consideration the children’s individual needs.

All staff promote the health, safety and nutrition of each child by providing a clean and safe environment, nutrition based on Canada’s Food Guide and access to drinking water throughout the day. We strive to eliminate any environmental issues that may cause undue stress to the child and reduce any hazards that may cause injury. Furthermore, we avoid unnecessary disruptions and ensure there are limited transitions during the program. Educators familiarize themselves with all information concerning any medical conditions, allergies, food restrictions, medication requirements, and parental preferences in respect to diet, exercise and rest time.

All staff will support positive and responsive interactions among the children, parents, and child care providers. Our attentive staff encourage the children to interact and communicate with their peers in a positive way by modelling appropriate behaviour and language when solving conflicts. We believe when staff are engaged with the children during their play, they are able to foster a more effective way to problem solve and self regulation. These skills are supported with the Second Step program that is used within our classroom on a regular basis. The Supervisor and Executive Board support this through the hiring of qualified, responsive, and well trained RECEs who support families in their role as primary caregivers.

All RECEs are reflective practitioners who learn about children through listening, observing, documenting, and discussing with others, families in particular, to understand that children are unique individuals. By following this approach, our staff help the children to make meaningful interactions with their peers and engage them on a daily basis.

In our nursery school, we allow many opportunities in our classrooms for indoor play experiences, both active and quiet. As well, we take advantage of our wonderful outdoor area allowing the children to benefit from active exploration in nature.

All staff will foster the children’s exploration, play and inquiry. Within the context of play, there are countless learning opportunities and experiences that are both child-initiated and adult-supported. Our classroom is bright, welcoming and organized with a variety of toys and materials that the children will want to become engaged with on their own. We use resources from our environment, which support opportunities to explore, experiment, create, construct and solve problems. The teachers continuously observe, brainstorm and document in order to provide experiences that encourage inquiry based learning. We strive to maintain a balance between experiences that are initiated by the child and those, which are facilitated by intentional teaching.

Furthermore, foundations of literacy and numeracy and other pre academic skills are learnt both in the context of play and through intentional teaching. Using the document “How Does Learning Happen” as our programming guide, our experienced staff plan and implement positive learning environments and experiences in which each child’s learning and development will be taken into consideration and supported.

We foster positive family engagement with the use of regular and on-going communication. Communication may be in person, by phone, email or through written and posted communication tools. Each week we provide a newsblast in which we share some of the activities we focused on, what the children have been learning, as well as documentation and photographs, which support the learning. Documentation and photographs are also used in our cubby area and in our classroom.

Pearson provides ongoing opportunities for staff to engage in critical reflection and discussion with others about pedagogy in support of continuous professional learning and effective developmental goal setting each year.

We encourage families to provide feedback to our staff and the Board of Directors on an on-going basis. As a Co-op preschool, families play an instrumental role in the operation of the school. There are many opportunities for engagement such as our General meetings, our annual Feedback Survey and regular communication from the Board of Directors. At the end of each class, staff share and debrief their observations with each other and discuss plans for how to build on what the children are interested in.

At Pearson, we believe that all children, their families, child care providers and staff are part of a wider community. We direct families to support services outside of the preschool when necessary. We work collaboratively with professionals from our local community, such as The Halton Resource Connection (THRC), The Reach Out Centre For Kids (ROCK), Community Living Burlington and Halton Region to help support our Pearson children, families and staff. We seek out opportunities to share our knowledge and to learn from others in our community. We allow those partners, and all who interact with the children, to support the children, their families and staff in a proactive manner, either on site with individuals, or by providing parent and staff training to further enhance each child’s potential.

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The History of Pearson Co-Op

Part of the Burlington community for over 40 years, Pearson is proud of its history. Learn more.