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The History of Pearson

In 1977, a group of parents came together and formed a drop-in centre for mothers and preschoolers. Based in a classroom at Pearson High School, the group quickly realized the need for a quality co-operative (co-op) nursery school within the community. A project was created to incorporate the nursery school into the high school curriculum. In the same way that you might have a biology lab for biology class, the Family Studies class had a nursery lab: namely, Pearson Nursery Lab.

In addition to grants and funding, the community of Burlington came together to volunteer, donate and make the equipment needed for the school. Carole Holmes, a Grade 11 Family Studies teacher in the high school, was instrumental in the formation of the co-op. With a background in both high school and childhood education, Carole was the perfect fit to help shape the preschool in those early years. Karen Chan was hired as the first full time Early Education Supervisor of the school, and Joyce Savoline was the first parent to serve as Chairperson of the Executive Board. Three parents would stay and participate in the classroom each day –a co-op feature that remains a staple of the school now.

Through the care and efforts of many, the school had come to life – creating an inclusive, welcoming space for families to bring their preschoolers to learn and socialize with their peers. Today, Pearson Community Co-operative Nursery School operates with the same community spirit, and continues to evolve to meet the needs of children and their families.

Did You Know?...

• Pearson Community Co-op Nursery school was the first licensed nursery lab in any academic school in Canada

• The first year it opened, all 92 spaces available were full and there were 50 families on the waiting list

• Pearson traditions include the Santa Store, the annual Bunny Hop around the school, holiday concerts and much more!

About the Team

Pearson is staffed by a team of dedicated, caring RECEs - let’s meet the teachers! Read more.

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