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Book of the Week: The Kissing Hand

Book of the Week: The Kissing Hand

Welcome, Pearson parents, to our first BOTW post!

Each week, we will share information on a special book that our teachers have selected. As per tradition, we are starting the year with ‘The Kissing Hand’ by Audrey Penn.

This book is great for children with separation anxiety or first week/first month jitters, and a reminder to ALL children that they are always loved. The Kissing Hand

In the story, Chester Raccoon is nervous about starting school and being away from his mother - but, she shows him a special trick. By kissing the palm of his hand, she leaves a symbol of her love for him to take wherever he goes. Chester can press his palm to his cheek any time he needs a kiss from his mommy, and know that it will travel to his heart. Chester has a great experience at school knowing that his family loves him and is never far away.

We hope you enjoy this book and have a wonderful week!


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