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Santa Store, Pyjama Day, and Gingerbread Houses!

Santa Store, Pyjama Day, and Gingerbread Houses!

We’ve got a busy week planned at Pearson!

On Tuesday and Wednesday (Dec 1st and 2nd) we will be setting up a long-standing and much-loved Pearson tradition: the Santa Store! The Santa Store is a chance for children to ‘shop’ and ‘buy gifts’ for the special people in their lives, and it is adorable to watch the children carefully select presents for their family members. Thank you to the Santa Store committee and to the parent volunteers who make this special event possible.

On Thursday and Friday (Dec 3rd and 4th) we will be having Pyjama Day and Gingerbread House decorating! There will be some candy consumed, as most children adopt the ‘one for the house, one for me’ mentality! Their creations will be sent home for you to admire and enjoy. So please send your children dressed in their comfy-cozies and ready for some fun!

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