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Meet the 2016-2017 Executive Board!

Hello and welcome, 2016-2017 Pearson Parents!

As a community co-operative nursery school, our Board of Directors plays an important role in the operation of Pearson. They represent the parents as well as the best interest of all students, and meet monthly to discuss school business. The minutes of these meetings are shared transparently on the Pearson parent section of the website for all parents/co-op members to review. Additionally, three general meetings held during the school year provide the membership families the opportunity to vote on issues and communicate directly with the board.

We’d like to introduce you to our Executive Board for the 2016-2017 school year. As current Pearson parents, board members will soon become familiar faces at drop off and in the classroom - so introduce yourselves! Please remember that all members of the board are volunteer parents in the school participating in these roles on a part-time basis.

Nicole Stephen, Chairperson

I’m Nicole Stephen and I’m delighted to be the Chairperson for the 2016-2017 school year at Pearson. On behalf of the Executive Board, I’d like to welcome you and your family to Pearson Community Co-operative Nursery School.

After moving to Burlington nearly two years ago, I found out about Pearson through a Google search. Even online, the school seemed to be everything that I was looking for in a preschool for my son Cael. I was hoping for a school that was rich with opportunities to explore learning wise, and also be tied in to the community. I also hoped for passionate and kind teachers and a stimulating classroom, indoor and out. Pearson exceeded my expectations for all of these things. Cael attended the RTL program this year, and everything about the school exceeded my expectations. My son had such a wonderful experience in RTL, and through this I could tell how much the teachers worked to make it a really special place. I love all the traditions at Pearson, and I am looking forward to my daughter, Nora, getting to be part of the 3AM class this year.

I’m so looking forward to working together with all the parents of this wonderful community co-op nursery school to make this another fantastic year at Pearson.

Kathryn Czarnik, First Vice

My name is Kathryn Czarnik. I "retired" from my career seven years ago to be at home with my kiddos. I am the mother of three amazing children, all of whom have attended Pearson Nursery School. This will be our 5th school year at Pearson and my second time serving as First Vice on the board. I’ve loved every minute of our time as a Pearson family and am looking forward to everything this year has in store.

Tanya Gowan, Second Vice

My name is Tanya Gowan and I am thrilled to be returning as the 2nd Vice for the 2016-2017 school year. This is the third year my family will be attending Pearson. My daughter graduated after two years, and now it’s my son’s turn to attend. I truly enjoyed serving as 2nd Vice last year and am thrilled to continue contributing to the community. Pearson is a wonderful group of parents, children and amazing teachers. It’s such a privilege to be returning. I look forward to another memorable year!

Sarah Burns, Treasurer

My name is Sarah Burns and I am very excited to be joining the executive board as treasurer for the 2016-2017 school year. I am currently a stay at home mom of two wonderful children, my daughter Ellie (3) and son Ewan (7). I also run a small home based business restoring furniture. I myself attended Pearson Co-op many many (many) years ago! As did my son and this will be my daughters second year in the 3am class. It’s a fantastic program, with a great community of parents and wonderful teachers. I will be sad to see our family’s Pearson days come to an end, but look toward to another memorable year.

Lindsay Murray, Membership Secretary

I’m excited to be Membership Secretary for my third year (our fourth year at Pearson)! I’m currently a stay at home mom to my 3 children and am excited to be back working in the classroom part-time. I had the privilege of working at Pearson for 8 years as a teacher before having my own family, and now I also get to experience the other side of things as a parent! I’m looking forward to lots of fun at Pearson and meeting all of the membership.

Paula Ward, Fundraiser

Hello! My name is Paula Ward, and I’m very excited to be joining the Pearson board as Fundraiser for the 2016-2017 school year. I am currently a stay-at-home mom of two amazing kids. I learned of Pearson a few years ago when I was looking for a nursery school for my daughter; she was in the 3AM class. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the school, the program, the support the teachers provided to both the children and parents, and the amazing connections I made with the other parents. When it came time to register my son we didn’t even think twice, we knew we wanted him to be a part of Pearson and experience all it has to offer. This year, I will be organizing the silent auction and raffle to help generate funds to support the school. I am looking forward to meeting all the different families, and appreciate any support you can offer in making this a fabulous year!

Caroline Mayhew, Assistant Secretary

Hello! I am excited to be a part of the Pearson Board as Assistant Secretary for the 2016-2017 year! I will be taking over the lead this year with the Marketing and Publicity committees. I’m a stay-at-home mom of two boys and a freelance graphic designer on the side. When I first moved to Burlington a few years ago, I heard about Pearson from a friend who raved about it. I registered my eldest son right away. He attended that fall and absolutely loved it, and so did I. We both made friends and enjoyed all of the great things this preschool has to offer. We’re now heading into the second year for my youngest, and we’re both looking forward to the experience once again in the 2am class. I can’t wait to see his smile, hear his stories, hang up his art, listen to him sing new songs, watch him grow, and meet his new friends. Thank you Pearson for being such a wonderful place - I’m so happy I found you!

Olivia Duke, Member at Large

My name is Olivia Duke and I’m so excited to be joining the Executive Board, filling the position of the Member at Large for the 2016-2017 school year. This will be our second year back at Pearson Nursery and our oldest, Ben, is thrilled! After spending five fabulous mornings with the teachers last year (I’m sure they agree), he will be exploring the RTL program this year. Pearson has played such a vital role in Ben’s development and it has been incredible to watch him blossom to better prepare him for junior kindergarten next school year. Our youngest, Sienna, will be joining the Pearson family next year. We’re looking forward to watching her learn and explore in such a great, supportive environment. Our experience with Pearson has been so positive and we’re grateful for its offerings. We all look forward to another exciting school year!

Liezil Rojas-Silva, Recording Secretary

I am so excited to be a part of the Pearson Board this year! This is my third year at Pearson and my second child, Carlie, will be attending the 3am class. My daughter, and I both are so looking forward to returning to Pearson…she has been begging to go back to her school all summer! I happened to stumble across Pearson 4 years ago as I was looking for an inclusive and loving learning environment for my older son. My son is on the Autism Spectrum and of course as this was going to be our first experience with any sort of outside care, I was very apprehensive and extremely nervous as to what I would find. Well, was I ever grateful that I found Pearson! The teachers at Pearson made the experience so wonderful that I knew my daughter had to go there as well! I am currently a stay at home mom and passionate advocate for children with Autism.

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