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Literacy Tips for Preschoolers at Home

Here are some simple tips to help develop your preschoolers literacy skills:

Reading on the move!

Your child may not sit still while listening to a story, and that’s okay! Even if they are moving around, they are still enjoying it!

Choose books based on your child’s interests

The more interested they are in the subject matter, the more inclined your preschoolers will be to read.

Keep reading sessions short, but read to your preschoolers often

If they can enjoy a quick story and then be off again into their world of play, they are more likely to come back for more.

Encourage your preschooler to look around them for signs and pictures when on everyday errands and shopping trips.

Helping your child develop understanding of the world around them is a great way to encourage literacy skills. You can even turn it into a game of “Seek and Find”.

**As a parent, we may hear a lot of why, but asking questions of your preschooler is a great way to encourage their curiosity.

Show your preschoolers how much you enjoy reading by reading yourself (if you have a moment!) and sharing new ideas with your family. **

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