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Tips and Tricks For The First Day At Pearson Nursery Preschool

As summer draws to an end, parents everywhere are gearing up for that all important first day of school - buying supplies, slapping labels on clothes and pinning creative lunch ideas on Pinterest. If your son or daughter is starting preschool for the first time this fall, your to-do list is luckily not quite as long but there are a few things you can to do make that first day go smoothly.

Preparing Your Child For School

school supplies by Mike Fox

You might already have an idea of how your child will be on the first day at Pearson but even children who get nervous in new situations can be made to feel at ease with a few simple tricks:

Visit the school before September. Did you know that both the Headon Forest and Brant Hills location are next to public playgrounds? Spend an afternoon at the park and show your child their new “big girl/boy school”.

Attend the school interviews that are held the second week of September. This is a great opportunity for your child to discover all the fun classroom toys and activities and to meet their teachers.

Make a special occasion out of buying their preschool supplies. You actually don’t need much at Pearson as snacks are provided by the preschool but here are a few things you can prepare:

  • A small backpack
  • Raincoat/boots
  • Snow gear (mittens are easiest)
  • A change of clothes in case of accidents (don’t forget socks!)
  • Labels for everything - we recommend Mabel’s Labels. Buy through our link and a portion of each sale goes directly back to the school to pay for supplies and crafts.
  • Make sure to put sunscreen on your child before school each day in the warm weather.

Practise putting shoes and coats on with your child before the start of school. When it’s outside time are Pearson, more children getting ready on their own means more time for outside play!

Read some books about going to preschool - here is a great list of encouraging books about the first day of school

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