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Meet The Pearson Teachers!

As we get ready for a brand new school year at Pearson, we are excited for the new adventures await!! If you have a child joining Pearson this year or are looking for the perfect preschool in Burlington for your 2-4 year olds, you might be wondering who will be looking after your child.

Next week we have our interviews at the school where your child will get a chance to explore our classroom and meet their teachers, to get them a bit more familiar with the staff, you might like to share these fun facts!

Meet The Pearson Teachers 2018! =============================== pearsonstaff2018

Mrs Wielhouwer


My name is Fiona Wielhouwer and this will be my 10th year working at Pearson Nursery school as the supervisor. After both my children attended Pearson I knew it would be a fantastic place to work one day. I’m so happy that my career path landed me back in this community school. With the many changes in the child care field over the last number of years I am happy to guide and support the Pearson educators in the wonderful learning that is happening in our school. The wonderful part of a cooperative preschool is connecting with all the families and building a great community.

I live in Burlington with my husband and 2 girls Paige and Sophie and our dog Abby.

My Favourites:

Colour: Blue

Season: Fall

Hobbies: exercising, cooking, camping

Sport: Love watching both the summer and winter Olympics

Kids Book: Sadie and the snowman

Candy: Chocolate

Animal: Dogs

Mrs Mackay


My name is Allison Mackay and I have had the wonderful opportunity of working at Pearson Nursery school for the last 12 years. I have a fun energetic approach to teaching and I am enjoying implementing the inquiry-based learning into the Pearson program and am excited to be part of your child’s learning this year. I live in Burlington with my husband and 3 wonderful children Emily, Jack & Cooper. I am really looking forward to getting to know the Pearson families.

My Favourites:

Colour: Green

Season: Summer

Hobbies: Running, crafting, camping Sport: NFL football followed very closely by hockey

**Kids Book: The Cat in the Hat

Candy: Chocolate Animal:** Do spiders count?!! She only likes her cat Blue!

Mrs Rostron


My name is Danielle and I joined the Pearson team in 2016. I’m happiest when I’m in the classroom experimenting with science activities or exploring with the children outside. I’m passionate about the inquiry based learning and am excited for a new school year.

I live in Burlington with my husband and three boys who like to eat a lot!

My Favourites:

Colour: Blue Season: Autumn

Hobbies: Geocaching, Escape Rooms, reading Sport: Baseball

Kids Book: The Book with no pictures

Candy: chocolate

Animal: penguin

Miss Raymond


My name is Taylor and I am the newest member of the Pearson staff. After taking a High school co-op at the preschool and then attending Mohawk College I am now thrilled to be working here as part of the team. I am excited to learn and grow as well as getting to know the Pearson families in this wonderful school.

I live in Burlington and enjoy spending time with my family and my boyfriend

My Favourites:

Colour:** Green

Season:** Fall

Hobbies: DIY, hiking, swimming, cooking and spending time with family and friends

Sport: soccer and lacrosse

Kids Book: The kissing Hand

Candy: sour keys and anything chocolate

Animal: Moose!

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