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All About The Scholastic Book Club at Pearson

Pearson Preschool is participating in the Scholastic Book program this year as a way for parents to easily buy books for their children. Not only do they make great gifts but they are also a means for our school to earn free books and teaching materials.

We do this as a service to parents so there is never an obligation to buy.

Scholastic - book-club

How it works

Each month during the school year you will receive various flyers with a varietyof book selections offered. The flyers will be left on your child’s art shelf monthly. You have the option to order directly online or by paper. If ordering by paper order form: • Fill out the order form on the back of the specific flyer(s) you want to purchase from • Please ensure your ​child’s first ​and ​last name​ and ​session​ are on each form and that the order is ​totalled correctly. • If you are ordering from more than one flyer, only one cheque is required for the full amount. • Make cheques payable to SCHOLASTIC CANADA LTD. • Return form and payment by specified order deadline (stamped in the top corner of the top flyer) • Place form and payment in file box (colour coded for each session) which is on the bookshelf on your right as you enter the classroom.

When the orders arrive, (usually 2-3 weeks later) they will be placed in your child’s cubby. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or the Treasurer’s Assistant for your session.

Pearson Scholastic Coordinator

Karen Ruggiero, Scholastic Coordinator

Scholastic Committee Members 2AM & RTE Christine and Bryan ​ 3AM & RTL Kara and Derrick ​


Parents are responsible for returning books to: SCHOLASTIC NEW MARKET Attention: Returns 1220 Nicholson Road Newmarket, ON L3Y 9C4 Wrap the products securely. Include a note that has the following included:

  1. SCHOOL: Pearson Nursery School
  2. Teacher: Fiona Wielhouwer
  3. Reason for Return
  4. Indicate your preference for a Credit Note or Refund (takes approx. 6weeks to process return)
  5. Your NAME and ADDRESS

If there are any questions, please call the ​Scholastic Coordinator, ​Karen Ruggiero.

Helpful Scholastic links:

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Scholastic Reading Club Canada Online offers teachers and parents the best books at the best prices for all reading levels and interests, including French resources from Club de lecture.

8 easy steps to create a Scholastic account while supporting Pearson Co-Op Nursery School:

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