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A wonderful day at Frootogo!

The Tuesday and Wednesday morning classes spent a lovely fall morning at Frootogo farm this week.

Our munchkins spent some time burning off their never-ending energy in the play area, jumping on the hay, sliding in the tunnel slides, in the sandbox, on the see-saw and more! They also had a chance to see a puppet show, which was all about a farmer trying to find out who ate all the carrots. The farmer’s friend Hoppy the Bunny can’t seem to get enough delicious carrots, perhaps it was him??

The kids took a very special wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch and helped pick out 3 pumpkins for their new classroom. Out on the patch, they learned that there are 3 types of pumpkins at Frootogo - traditional, knucklehead (which have interesting bumps all over the pumpkins, lots of fun to touch and count), and the heavy rout squat pumpkins are for making pies. A fun fact I didn’t know - the stem of a pumpkin is called the peduncle.

There were many delicious apples on site and I think many kids enjoyed apples as part of a yummy snack.

What a fun morning for kids and parents - we can’t wait to return!!

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