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Annual ECE Appreciation Day- October 2018

Annual ECE Appreciation Day- October  2018

October 16th was a special day for our Pearson Co-op teachers. It was ECE appreciation day. That day recognizes the commitment, hard work and education of Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) and all staff who work with young children. It is sponsored by Ontario’s labour movement, the day draws attention to the value of ECEs and child care workers to our communities.

Did you know?

  • Early Childhood Educators have gone to post secondary school for at least 2 years to become ECE’s.
  • Early Childhood Educators have to be licensed with the College of Early Childhood Educators in order to perform the duties of an ECE and to use the title of ECE.
  • Although ECE’s work the typical day time hours, there are many ‘unseen’ hours that go on behind the scenes. ECE’s spend a lot of their own time, money and energy after hours creating, planning, organizing, preparing lessons and activities for our children to participate in, learn from and most importantly enjoy.

Please make sure you take a minute to acknowledge, recognize and thank Miss. Fiona, Miss. Alison, Miss. Taylor and Miss. Danielle for their effort, their hard work and their dedication towards our Pearson kiddies today (and every day!)

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