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Halloween Howl

Halloween Howl

Well, Halloween has come and gone! The Pearson kiddies engaged in many exciting activities in October in preparation for Halloween. From field trips to Frootogo, to painting and decorating pumpkins, to Orange and Black day - the many princesses, superheroes and monsters were ready to Trick or Treat!

The Tuesday morning class enjoyed dressing up in their creative costumes and showing them off to the kindergarten classes while listening to Halloween music.

On Wednesday, the 3 AM children were welcomed into the school classrooms to sing songs and look for our ‘lost candy’. They also participated in the school’s annual Halloween parade. Lots of fun!

A special thank you to the teachers for encouraging the spirit of Halloween by dressing up, arranging pumpkin picking and by having halloween materials in the classroom to explore throughout the month of October. Our first Halloween in the new school was a success and look forward to continuing the new traditions that have begun!

A Fun Halloween was had by all!!

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