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Santa Store Success!

Santa Store Success and Holiday Fun!

Such Holiday fun was had this month! I literally was telling my friends that I wish I could have stayed with my kid the day they got to wear Jammies and decorate gingerbread houses!

A massive thank you to all the Pearson Staff and Volunteers that helped set up the Santa Store! An array of small gifts were laid out, for our kids to go shopping for us! The store was sectioned off rather spectacularly so that parents couldn’t see the goodies. I like to imagine that as the staff walked around with my son, that he spent a long time really thinking about my character and tastes as he carefully chose my gift, as of course 3 year olds are capable of such things ;)

My little one came home last week with a BIG bag of presents that he got to pick out for us. He proudly told me, "Mommy, I got you a star! But you can’t have it now, only for Christmas!" It’s such a great activity to do, as it teaches them to think of others, and to be patient as we can’t open them yet. I think I was closer to 10 before I ever gave my first real Christmas gift, and it’s nice they can be excited to give as well as receive this year.

It seems like every week there is a super fun activity or theme, and I’m truly impressed at the level of FUN our kids are having! Can’t wait to open my first ever Christmas gift from my son on Christmas morning, and treasure it forever!

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