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Kindergarten Registration

Among all of the other things that come with a new year, there is a very special date coming up for our pre-schoolerss: the first day of Kindergarten! Registration at Burlington’s public and Catholic schools is now open. If you have not had a chance to register yet, don’t fret, as there is still lots of time before September. (Plus, we can rest easy that our munchkins are getting great practice going to school at Pearson!)

Some of us are first timers going into the elementary school system with our kids. Here are some tips from kindergarden teachers to help your little ones be successful starting their new adventure: Read Often - even the most active kids love a good story Get Musicial - help them develop memory, strong vocabulary and social skills Encourage Responsibility - set the bar high, you will be delighted to see what they can do! Celebrate childhood - have fun, make a mess and be a kid. Practice Zipping, Tying and Buttoning - the faster you are ready, the more time there is to play Start conversations - Ask questions and use your time to have real conversations Get involved - look for opportunities to volunteer in the classroom, and/or find other ways to get involved in the school Spend time together - and spend it listening

With any new change comes big emotions and entering school for the first time will be an amazing milestone for parents and kids alike. Before we know it, they will be waving quickly at us while they run towards their all their new friends, excited for everything they get to learn. Perhaps they will teach us a thing or two.

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