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Mothers Day Crafts

Do you remember being a kid and making crafts for you mom? Was it macaroni and glitter? I remember making yellow Dafodils with centres made from orange painted egg cartons year after year - I hope I’ll get one of those tomorrow!

(insert picture here please)

My boy isn’t much into crafting or drawing, so when he does come home with something small, I like to think about what he learned and talked about while he made it. Most likely he will be talking about trains while the teachers try to help him out, haha. I know he’ll love a big dramatic reaction from me, "WOW! You made this! It’s so great! Aw, that’s so nice of you!"

Mothers day is a great oppertunity for our kids to stop and actually think (for about 3 seconds) about the work that we do for them. I am trying to teach my boys about gratitude as I have started each night saying 3 things I am thankful for that day, even if it was a crummy day.

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