Important Dates
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2017/2018 Dates to Remember

September 5-8Parent Interviews
September 11School Closed (Teacher Planning Day)
September 12-15Staggered Start
September 18-22Full Classes Begin
September 20General Meeting (Attendance is mandatory)
October 9School Closed (Thanksgiving)
October 18 & 19Field Trip (TBC)
November 2 & 3School Photo Days
November 15General Meeting & Silent Auction
December 14 & 15Santa Visit
December 20 & 21Christmas Concerts
December 22School Closed (Teacher Planning)
December 25- January 5School Closed (Winter Break)
January 8School resumes after the holidays
February 22 & 23Early Registration Drop-in (for current members)
February 19School Closed (Family Day)
February 20School Closed (Staff Professional Development)
March 3Pearson Registration Open House (Saturday)
March 12-16School Closed (March Break)
March 30School Closed (Good Friday)
April 2School Closed (Easter Monday)
April 18Pearson Registration Open House (TBC)
May 9General Meeting (Attendance is mandatory)
May 21School Closed (Victoria Day)
June 2Family Picnic (TBC)
June 20 & 21Summer Goodbye Concerts
June 22, 25-26School Closed (Staff Clean-up)

Dates are subject to change as necessary. Please contact the school with any questions!

Special Days

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