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Our 2AM Program

The 2AM program is offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 am to 11:40 am, and offers all of the key elements of Pearson Community Co-op Nursery School. Your child will participate in daily circle time activities, including interactive calendar and weather tasks, as well as songs, stories and sharing with peers. Throughout the morning, children are free to make crafts independently or with teacher guidance, explore toys and games, and enjoy a snack before heading outside to play.

Our 3AM Program

Our 3AM program is identical to the 2am program, but with an extra day of class each week. It runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:00 am to 11:40 am. This is a great option for parents who would like to prepare their children for full time school, or simply feel that their child would benefit from attending preschool more frequently.

Co-op Responsibilities: Duty vs Non-Duty

At a co-op, parents are an integral part of the operation of the school. In addition to our teaching team, Pearson Community Co-op Nursery School is administered by a parent executive board and run by parent committees. As a member of Pearson Co-op, each family has a committee responsibility or is a member of the executive, and must attend three General Meetings throughout the school year. The school is licensed by the Ministry of Education and adheres to all regulations within the Child Care and Early Years Act.

Pearson is organized with Non-Duty and Duty memberships. Limited enrolment (at a reduced fee) is available for Duty parents who help out in the classroom on a rotating basis. Teachers provide orientation and training to all duty parents, who must pass a police check and provide proof of immunization.

Our Afternoon Programs

Looking for more from your child’s preschool experience? Our two- and three-afternoon a week programs offer French, advanced learning and more! Read more.

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