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Quality First

We are proud to be a part of Quality First, which promotes excellence in early childhood education in Halton. Read more.

Second Step

Second Step teaches children a variety of core social, emotional and self-regulation skills through the use of 28 weekly themes. Presented on large photo cards, the weekly focus involves five-to-seven minute activities designed to be integrated into the flow of each day. The program is taught through a variety of learning strategies:

  • Puppet scripts, featuring Impulsive Puppy and Slow Down Snail
  • Stories and discussions based on large colour photos of typical early childhood scenarios
  • Skill practices in small groups, done at group time or integrated into daily activities
  • Songs that reinforce program skills and concepts
  • Visual aids, including a set of 20 feelings photos, three colourful posters, and four Listening Rules cards

Learn more about Second Step programming.

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