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Morning Programs

Pearson offers two- and three-day a week morning programs. Learn more.

A Typical Day At Pearson

Children arrive at the school and put their coats/backpacks in the cubby area. As they enter the classroom, they are greeted by a teacher at the sign-in desk. All students must wash their hands before joining their friends in play.

• Circle time in the creative room: We begin with a greeting song before engaging in calendar and weather activities, discussing plans for the day, practicing basic French and counting exercises, and singing simple songs.

• Free Playtime: Children move freely between interest-based crafts, the play-dough table, puzzles and other educational toys, water and sand tables, gross motor activities, large and small building toys, a dramatic play centre and science table. A healthy, allergy-free snack option is available at the snack table throughout free play time.

• Circle time in the snack room: Children participate in activities such as a science experiment, show and tell, music and games - all illustrating and expressing a different concept or idea, as well as emotional concepts from our Second Step program.

• Outdoor Play: To end the day, children play in a spacious, fully-fenced, wooded play area with plenty of fun playground equipment. Our outdoor space includes a large climber with two slides, a play jeep, climbable dinosaurs, sandbox and toys, swing set, a hopscotch snake, and shaded areas. There is also a paved pathway for scooters and tricycles.


Pearson offers a number of fun in-class activities and field trips throughout the year. Some of our favourite school traditions are the Santa Store, where children get to shop for holidays presents for their family members, as well as our holiday and year end concerts. We also have visits from friends such as The Reptile Man, martial arts demonstrations, and a special visit with Santa Claus himself.

In the spring, our students participate in a bunny hop around the school, and there are classroom activities to celebrate Hallowe’en, Valentine’s Day and other holidays. Monthly activities include silly fun such as backwards day, crazy hair day, and themed days (Beach Day, Rainbow Day, Blue Day). Our field trip days are always a great time – some places we’ve visited in recent years include a gymnastics club, the bowling alley, and Frootogo Farms.

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Afternoon Programs

Looking for more from your child’s preschool experience? Our two- and three-afternoon a week programs offer French, advanced learning and more! Learn more.